Civil Rights movement

Civil Rights movement
movement in the United States beginning in the 1960s and led primarily by Blacks in an effort to establish the civil rights of individual Black citizens
Hypernyms: ↑movement, ↑social movement, ↑front

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the ˌcivil ˈrights movement 7 [civil rights movement] noun singular
(in the US) the campaign in the 1950s and 1960s to change the laws so that African Americans have the same rights as others
The campaign included boycotts (= refusals to buy particular products), the actions of ↑freedom riders, and in 1963 a march to Washington led by Martin Luther ↑King. It succeeded in causing the introduction of ↑affirmative action. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 were also introduced as a result of the civil rights movement, which has helped to change the attitudes of many white Americans.
Race and immigration
Prejudice and racism
experience/encounter racism/discrimination/prejudice/anti-semitism
face/suffer persecution/discrimination
fear/escape from/flee racial/political/religious persecution
constitute/be a form of racial/race discrimination
reflect/reveal/show/have a racial/cultural bias
be biased/be prejudiced against (especially BrE) black people/(both especially NAmE) people of color/African Americans/Asians/Africans/Indians, etc.
discriminate against minority groups/minorities
perpetuate/conform to/fit/defy a common/popular/traditional/negative stereotype
overcome/be blinded by deep-seated/racial/(especially NAmE) race prejudice
entrench/perpetuate racist attitudes
hurl/shout (especially BrE) racist abuse; (especially NAmE) a racist/racial/ethnic slur
challenge/confront racism/discrimination/prejudice
combat/fight (against)/tackle blatant/overt/covert/subtle/institutional/systemic racism
Race and society
damage/improve (especially BrE) race relations
practise/ (especially US) practice (racial/religious) tolerance/segregation
bridge/break down/transcend cultural/racial barriers
encourage/promote social integration
outlaw/end discrimination/slavery/segregation
promote/embrace/celebrate cultural diversity
conform to/challenge/violate (accepted/established/prevailing/dominant) social/cultural norms
live in a multicultural society
attack/criticize multiculturalism
fight for/struggle for/promote racial equality
perpetuate/reinforce economic and social inequality
introduce/be for/be against (BrE) positive discrimination/(especially NAmE) affirmative action
support/be active in/play a leading role in the civil rights movement
control/restrict/limit/encourage immigration
attract/draw a wave of immigrants
assist/welcome refugees
house/shelter refugees and asylum seekers
smuggle illegal immigrants into the UK
deport/repatriate illegal immigrants/failed asylum seekers
assimilate/integrate new immigrants
employ/hire migrant workers
exploit/rely on (cheap/illegal) immigrant labour/(especially US) labor
apply for/gain/obtain/be granted/be denied (full) citizenship
have/hold dual citizenship

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